Skyfall international logistics co.,ltd is one of the world’s leading providers of integrated logistics services since 2010. We provide support to industry and trade in land operations, in worldwide air and sea freight, and in all the associated logistics services.We represent a strong unit in the global logistics market and complement their own individual strengths in the important markets around the globe. As the logistics provider, we offer our customers a worldwide of multi-modal and value-added services, as well as more integrated supply chain solutions than ever before. 

Together, Skyfall international logistics:

We are keen to extend our integrated network in new countries to meet our clients demand. This integrated network allows us to monitor the flows more effectively, and provide our clients with a more personalized service.In addition to freight forwarding, we offer comprehensive customized logistics solutions from the pick-up of goods right through to distribution.

Our solutions guarantee an optimized process :

Single point of contact for our clients

Selection of the best sub-contractors

Optimisation of cost & transit time

Real-time traceability & interface with our clients information systems